Sunday, November 25, 2012


Today, I'd like to initiate my second blog, named Feelings Not Erased. It's a spin off from my other blog named Feelings Erased.

Why another blog?

There are some topics related to object oriented analysis and design that don't fit the profile of Feelings Erased blog, where my main focus is Test Driven Development and its relationship with object oriented design. Also, I really think that having an "alter-ego blog" is a cool idea :-).

Why "Erased" and then "Not Erased"?

I never explained, where did I get the title "Feelings Erased" in the first place, so now I'd like to reveal it :-).

Actually, the title "Feelings Not Erased" was first, although it wasn't mine. It's a title of a song from Chrono Cross OST. Just listen. Some time after hearing this, I made a track by myself, which was actually a cover of another song from the same OST. For some reasons, I decided to name the track "Feelings Erased" and distributed it only among my friends. This is where the idea for both blogs came from. So, the same moment I thought about an "alter-ego blog", the title made perfect sense.

So, that's why "Feelings Not Erased".

What now?

Feelings Erased remains my dearest child and this one will get a little less attention. However, I already have some great topics I'd like to write about here, so it's not a "sandbox" or a "trash can" in any way! It's just more OOAD in contrast to the other blog which is more about TDD and its influence on OOAD.

Stay tuned!

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